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Live Blood Microscope

There are various fields where microscope is used for accurate examination of very small objects that cannot be seen through naked eyes. The analysis of Live Blood Microscopy cells is one such subject where you have to take the help of this instrument. There are special types of microscope that is built for live blood cell analysis only. These are mainly known as Dark Filed Microscope and you can find a wide range of such device in our category of Philippine Microscope.

What Is Dark Field Microscopy

Dark field microscopy is the process in which creates bright lights to illuminate the object on a darker background. This can make the image clearer to the observers. In this process the illumination and the light rays are diverted from the side of the object. That means here no direct light rays are passing through the blood cells. It is obvious that the heat that is present in those light rays can kill the Red Blood Cells or RBC and thus the examination can become meaningless in the normal light microscopy process. That is the reason the dark field microscopy or Live Blood Microscopy method is used to study the live blood.

How Effective It Is

When you use the best microscope with the Dark Field technology, you can get a clear view of the object. The object becomes brighter and illuminated on a dark background. That makes it even brighter. Thus, the object become more easily visible and the observer can detect the elements in faster and easier manner.

Why It Is Required

• The dark field microscope is the best microscope for medical field where the correct analysis of blood is required. Sometimes, a tiny drop of blood can reveal a lot of facts about the health of a person which is required for his or her treatment.

• Apart from that such kind of instrument is also essential for biological examinations where the blood sample of various volunteer is required for performing some research works on a certain subject of biology.

• The process is good for the medical professionals who wish to have flawless and speedy analysis of live blood cells for the diagnosis of their patients which may not be possible through the conventional process of blood collection and examination.

• The use of Manila Philippine Microscope helps the health professionals to evaluate the elements that can be found in a blood cell to understand its pattern. This can indicate the nutritional condition, the presence of antibodies and other elements which can help them to treat the patient in a better form.

• The affordable microscope can make it possible to offer the right treatment within the shortest possible time.

Why Come To Us

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