Stereo Zoom Microscopes

There a lot of things that we see on our television. The television is like a gateway to a world of entertainment and also information. There a lot of channels and television shows that helps us gain insight and information just by tuning in. like the National Geographic, Discovery Channel and shows like CSI, Grey’s anatomy and many more. The one that has captured the interest of many is the investigation of the death of a person like that of in CSI or crime scene investigation. The person is first observed, like its placement, the wound or the pool of their blood. The investigators must have a keen observation of everything in a crime scene and must take all necessary things for evidence and this will be brought to the laboratory for further examination. In examining the evidence, the investigators often compares the data or things that they have gathered on the field with their data on their computer. As they look into the evidence they gathered, they often use the microscope to compare fibers or glass among other things. To do this they need to use a microscope that can be used with ease, like a zoom stereo microscope.

A zoom stereo microscope is very useful in viewing and comparing specimens, you can zoom in the specimen if you want to view a part of it. The zoom objectives for magnification in this microscope can be increased and decreased gradually to the user’s desire, it is possible because the objective lens being used in a zoom stereo microscope does not have a permanent focal length which enables it to increase and decrease according to the user’s desire. And the zoom stereo microscope also gives the viewer a three dimensional image rather than a two dimensional image that one gets from a simple compound microscope, it is because the microscope views the specimen in some extent two different angles. Although the zoom stereo microscope does allow the user to view microscopic objects, you can use it for other things that you would like to see or investigate. A common zoom stereo microscope has double eyepiece, therefore reducing the eyestrain that can be caused by monocular microscopes. This type of microscope can easily be used by naturalist, biologists or even by adults that would like to look a litter deeper in things around them like flowers, ants or anything they like!