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Video Zoom Inspection Microscope.
This particular set up of a microscopy inspection system lets the user to examine at easily and simply different manufactured parts, as well as printed circuit boards and surface mount device (SMD), and other products that passes through a quality control station. Workers in the quality control stations need not to strain throughout the whole day under a binocular microscope just to examine the enlarged images of the products, all they have to do is to inspect the magnified image of the product on the video screen. With this comfortable working condition, the quality control inspector could be a lot more productive and alert as compared to having neck and back aches. Looking under the eyepieces of the binocular microscope all throughout the day could surely strain the neck, back and the eyes as well. A properly set up video inspection microscope could be the best answer to achieve much more productivity and accuracy.

We provide a complete turn-key microscopy solution for our customers. We have all the microscopes, microscope parts and accessories, objective lens, illumination, and video equipment needed for assembling a full video quality control inspection station. We supply a wide variety of inspection microscopes, CCD cameras capable of mounting to a microscope video port, c-mounts for attaching the microscope video CCD camera, and CCTV monitors for viewing the projected microscopic image.

Our line of video inspection microscopes comes standard with zoom objectives. This gives the ability to turn a zoom knob and increase or decrease magnification of the specimen. This is much preferred over fixed magnification objectives that do not have this flexibility. Before buying any video inspection microscopy system, be sure to see if it has zoom magnification objectives.

We encourage all prospective clients to call us. We would like to discuss your application with you. It may be that a video zoom microscope is not the best system for your specific application. If not, we can provide a wide variety of other microscopy equipment, such as zoom stereoscopic microscopes on upright stands and boom stands. These stereo microscopes are used for manual viewing through the binocular eyepieces, but do have a trinocular video port for connecting microscope cameras. By carefully evaluating your exact application, our trained microscopists can best recommend a microscope system that meets your needs and budget. Please call us today.