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Boom Mounted – Dual Arm Microscopes

We specialize in providing high quality boom mounted microscope systems for use in circuit board repair, quality control, and surface mount device work.

Boom mounted microscope packs more advantage over the usual stereoscopic microscope that you can see on an upright stand. Because of the added flexibility of boom stand microscopes, it is suited to be used in limited space due to its capability to be retracted, moved, extended or folded out of the way after each use, thus, saving precious workspace. It can also be combined with a special enhancement called the Barlow objective lens that allows additional working distance so that it is possible to do soldering or repair of objects under the microscope for it has greater space.

Boom mounted microscopes have a lot of applications, some of its very familiar uses include the repair of electronic circuit boards and surface mount device (SMD), quality control inspection in factories, examination of some forensic evidence, fossil, document and art restoration, engraving of works such as in jewelries and others, and a lot more.

We offer several kinds of boom stands where you can mount the stereoscopic head. The very common model of boom stands is the standard style. This is the most basic of boom stands and it is also the cheapest, but it is also of high quality and reliability in boom stands. Next is the double arm boom stand that has an additional counterweight for greater stability of the stereoscopic head. It is also useful in using large microscopes or in using a photography system that adds extra weight to the microscope head. The additional counterweight and the heavy construction of the boom stand make the stereoscopic head more stable and minimize the unwanted movement of the microscope camera. The articulating arm boom stand provides much greater movement to the microscope head because it can easily be folded or retracted into the desirable position. Spring loaded articulating boom stand gives much flexibility to the user and it is also perfect to those who need more table working space. The mobile floor stand is the capable to be rolled on the floor and it is equipped with an articulating boom arm for superior flexibility. This kind of boom stand is usually utilized in the fields of medicine such as in conducting microsurgeries or in dental applications.

We are encouraging you to contact our microscope sales agents today to talk about your particular application for a boom mounted microscope and how our product is what you need. Our team of highly skilled microscope technicians can give you an educated recommendation on the basis of the parameters of your application. Please call us today so that our sales agent can help you in making the right choice.