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Forensic Comparison

Forensic Comparison

The microscope is one of the most crucial devices that are used in the Forensic Department to examine the crime scene and various other aspects that have a close relation with forensic science. This type of microscope is known as comparison microscope. Howell Medical Supply provides top-class Philippine Microscope that can be used in forensic science to get an accurate and fast result.

Build With Excellence

Since these types of devices are used for highly sensitive and serious examinations; thus they are created with excellence. Best quality materials are used. The technical parts of Philippine Microscope are checked multiple times to be sure about the high functionality of the same.

Main Task Of Comparison Microscopes

As the very name suggest, the comparison microscopes are mainly used for analysis and examination of side-by-side specimens according to the forensic science. Usually, this type of device consists two microscopes that are connected through an optical bridge. It has split view window that enables the forensic scientists to have separate views of two objects simultaneously to examine them. That means the observer does not need to rely on his or her memory while comparing two objects to analysis and prepare a forensic report, which is common in the case of normal microscopes.

Benefits Of Using It

This type of devices is mostly used in Forensic labs where the forensic team of Police department can perform Crime Laboratory Investigation and observers need to examine different objects like hair, nail, bullet, cartridge, paint, foot or fingerprint and many other things to understand what happened on the crime scene and who the criminal is. There are lots of benefits of using the same.

  • You can get the chance to compare two objects simultaneously for a better result.
  • You do not need to waste your time in examining the objects one by one.
  • You do not need to rely on your memory which can cheat you sometimes.
  • The result of the best microscope is accurate and error-free.
  • You can check the objects as many time as you want.
  • The high-level technology offers finest optics to get the details of the objects within few minutes.
  • Microscopic comparison of objects becomes easier and smarter with such device.

End Of Confusion

Whenever any doubt or confusion appears in the process of crime investigation such kind of device helps a lot. They examine and compare two firearms and analyze the degree of similarity of them to find out which one was used in the crime scene.

Why You Buy It From Us

Howell Medical Supply is well-known for providing the best quality Manila Philippine Microscope as per the current industry standard. There are some added features that you can expect from our company.

  • We deliver the best microscope at the most affordable rates.
  • Our Manila Philippine Microscope can be easily used for critical forensic examinations in Forensic labs.
  • We provide a wide range of forensic comparison microscopes that have distinct specifications.
  • Our microscopes have all the latest features like USB camera, fiber optic lights, and high-level investigation tools.
  • We have highly trained and experienced microscope Technician who are experts in bullet comparison and can give technical sales support. They are ready to provide unit calibration if any problem is occurred for normal usage.
  • We have a reputation in the market for past 8 years as the seller of Forensic Bullet Comparison Microscope mainly to the Government and Private Schools or Universities that have criminology courses, including PNPA (Philippine National Police Academy) in Silang Cavite and Philippine National Police all over Philippines.

For further inquiry, you can call us or contact our customer care desk and buy affordable microscope from the best dealer of Philippine.