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Teaching Microscope

Teaching Microscopes is very applicable to be used by both teachers and instructors in teaching important science and medical concepts to a variety of student within medical facilities, teaching laboratories, high school science labs, and university college level biological labs. We have dual viewing heads, triple viewing heads, and microscopes with as many as five binocular heads simultaneously displaying the same microscopic image. Our teaching microscopes have the ability to allow one teacher to view and manipulate the specimen while multiple students observe via their own individual viewing eyepiece or binocular head.

This kind of microscope is a perfect tool to be used in providing very significant educational experiences both for the teachers and students within the classroom environment for it lets the user to view specimens of great interest. The precision and high grade optics that is incorporated with this kind of microscope would surely make the teaching and learning alike to be a fun and informative experience.

Our line of teaching microscopes can also be interfaced with digital still and digital video image capture microscope cameras for connecting with a pc or laptop computer via the USB computer port. Having the ability to quickly view and capture digital images, the educational experience of utilizing our microscopy equipment is enhanced.

Call our sales agents today to discuss your particular teaching application and how our teaching microscopes and microscope accessories fit your educational needs.