About US

Howell Medical Supply has been serving the industry of professional Philippine Microscope for years. We are well-known for delivering the best quality Manila Philippine Microscope all over the world. We have the dealership which is exclusively found in Philippine. Our product range is innovative. We always try to cater our array in such a manner that clients can obtain all type of microscopic applications here.

Being one of the most popular names in the industry of microscopes we can assure you about the low cost of our products. You can find affordable microscope only in Howell Medical Supply. Since we use the top quality materials to deliver the finest devices to our clients; it becomes easier for us to maintain a reasonable pricing for all our products as per the current rate of the market. Our clients trust us for that. They know that we can offer them the best quality professional microscope at the lowest price in the industry. Once you compare the rate and the quality of the device, you can be sure about the same.

Our Core Mission

We have a mission to serve the industry of professional microscope with finest quality devices that can help in speedy, accurate and reliable examinations in various fields like research works, forensic, biology, medical and others.

Our Vision

As a company, we have the vision to strive as a trustworthy company for our clients and help them to get something reliable as per their requirement and budget. We wish to maintain a strong bonding with our clients where we share a relationship of trust and mutual admiration.

Our Values

We care for the money of our clients. That is the reason we always wish to offer them something which is cost-effective. We appreciate honesty and professionalism without breaking the trust of our customers on our products. We prefer to maintain a never-ending bond with our every client by offering them the service they desire from us. We also love to have a strong relationship with our employees so that the work can be done in an ambiance of cooperation and understanding.

We Believe

We firmly believe in three things while running this business.

  • On-time delivery of best microscope
  • Maintaining the high quality of the products
  • Understanding the needs of the clients

Our team of expert professionals prefers to work on the basis of these basic ideologies of our company. They have skill and expertise to provide you with the best items as per your budget.