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Metallurgical Microscope

For a high quality metallurgical microscopy, we vividly evaluate your microscopic application, and make a professional recommendation based on all parameters given.

Metallurgical microscopes are frequently utilized as a measuring tool of very thin films and also of electroplating coatings, inclusions, surface defects, as well as the grain size of specimen viewed under this kind of microscope. We also carry a line of eyepiece reticles and stage micrometer equipments that are necessary for the calibration of the microscope. Moreover, we have an extensive range of microscopy equipment and accessories like the enhancements for photography using the microscope, such as digital cameras for the microscope, USB digital video microscope cameras that can be connected to a computer, and also video cameras that is used in viewing the specimen through a CCTV monitor.

The metallographic microscope is utilized widely for a wide array of purposes like that in the production of semiconductors and silicon wafers, in conducting quality control inspections, in the study of crystallography, in analyzing samples of sand castings in iron metal foundries, in the identification, and analysis of metallic grain microstructure of specimens, in measuring thin films, in the microscopic analysis of specimens having opaque surfaces, in studying and observing artifacts and tool that existed in prehistoric stone age, in preserving historical artifacts, in the field of metallurgy, and also in the analysis and examination of metal patina.

In the conduct of extensive research and development in the field of material science and in engineering laboratories, inspection, analysis and the testing of the microstructure of materials are always a constant routine. The usual specimens that are observed and examined by the materials science engineer include the following: the martensitic crystals that are present in martinsite steel; austinite found on austenitic steel; carbon steel; specimen from steel that has been heat treated, tempered, and quenched; spring steel; pearlite; annealed steel; phosphor bronze; alloy steel; malleable cast iron; die casting specimens; ductile cast iron; casting molds; case hardened steel; ceramics; structural carbon steel; contaminants in steel; metal fatigue examples; ferrous metal; powder metallurgy samples; tool steel; carburizing metal; titanium alloy; fibers of both composites and composite material; copper; hardfacing samples; specimens for inspection for corrosion resistance and protection; tungsten and chromium; samples of thermoplastic materials; stainless steel; extruded and stamped steel; enamel coatings; forged steel; pig iron; stainless steel; refractory material, and; aluminum castings.

We are a trusted and certified professional dealer of high grade microscopy equipment serving industrial clients, government, and educational institutions. Beware of the cheap peddlers of equipment that don’t know the difference between a metallographic microscope and a polarizing microscope. We provide you with quality technical support and training as needed. We are also willing to take microphotography of your metallurgical specimens in our testing lab to demonstrate the high quality of our equipment. Plus, with the wide variety of microscopes we have, we can select the best model for the particular microscopy application.